Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Mario Kart 8 MKTV videos now on YouTube

A lot of Mario Kart 8 videos are going to hit YouTube.  Actually, they already have.

For the past few weeks, various members of the gaming media who have received Nintendo's latest Mario Kart racer for the Wii U have been posting their thoughts and highlights on it's Miiverse community.

Since Nintendo lifted the embargo and gave the OK for reviews and such to be made public, YouTube videos of Mario Kart 8 races through the in-game 'MKTV' feature are now available.

Here is a sample of what a video can look like:

Of course, YouTube ContentID's these videos as it's official Nintendo content, but otherwise there is no other limitation beyond what the game allows you to create.  The uploads are even encoded in 720p.

Expect YouTube to be filled with Mario Kart 8 uploads once May 30th hits.

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