Monday, May 19, 2014

YouTube buying Twitch?

Finally something I feel like writing about.  Coincidence I've been using this blog to discuss both Twitch and YouTube over the past few months?

Sources are already reporting that Twitch.TV has made a deal with YouTube/Google, where Twitch will be acquired for one million... I mean... billion dollars.

On the positive side of things, the popularity of Twitch could definitely use Google's help and resources.  It could also mean very good things for it's userbase.

On the other hand, many are already concerned about the YouTube Content ID system getting in the way, as well as forced Google+ integration.

It is also uncertain, if the acquisition is official, how much of Twitch policy will be modified to fit into the Google family.  If Google's earlier acquisition of YouTube years ago is any indication, it will most likely be transparent early on, but become more noticeable in time.

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