Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Twitch.TV: Changes to Past Broadcast Archiving

More changes to Twitch, this time relating to how it handles Past Broadcasts (aka VODs).

A lot of important things have been happening at Twitch.  This update is important to those who enjoy saving their live broadcasts as archived video (also known as Past Broadcasts or Video on Demand/VOD).

The short(er) version: you will no longer be able to save past broadcasts permanently.  The archived broadcast will stay on Twitch for about 14 days before being completely removed from the servers (the exception to this are Twitch Partners and Twitch Turbo members, who will have this time extended to 60 days).

Past Broadcasts can still be highlighted and/or uploaded to YouTube.  Highlights will not be deleted after a certain amount of time unlike past broadcasts, but will be limited to 2 hour segments.  If there are any Past Broadcasts/VODs you are personally interested in holding on to, make sure to highlight them and/or upload them to YouTube.

Additional information, including a video describing changes made to the new Twitch Video Manager, can be found at the above link.

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