Friday, August 8, 2014

Twitch.TV: Audible Magic speaks about audio muting

Another source has decided to speak up about what's going on with Twitch muting it's audio.  Protip: It isn't Google.

Audible Magic, the creator of the tech used by Twitch.TV to mute copyrighted audio, has decided to post a blog entry describing what it's service is and what it does.

Twitch contracted Audible Magic to provide a content matching service. Twitch provides Audible Magic a sample of audio content and Audible Magic reports if a match is found in a database of submitted works. Matches, plus the content owner’s specified business rules, are reported to Twitch, and Twitch handles all actions from there. Audible Magic performs no blocking of content. Audible Magic is simply an information provider.

Not really any new information on what's actually happening, but it is good to know that the company responsible is openly willing to provide information about it's service in regards to the feedback.

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