Friday, December 2, 2011

YouTube Makes New Design Official

For those who saw it earlier (in the forms of Cosmic Panda or the homepage experiment), YouTube's latest design is now live.

Complaints?  Comments?  Not sure what's going on?

Best place to start is YouTube's Official Blog Entry.  There's also an official thread on the YouTube Help Forums.

Keep in mind, most of the feedback is negative.  Though this feedback is from users with Google/YouTube accounts, so it doesn't speak for all YouTube site visitors.  A good amount of the new stuff only applies to logged in users.  Those users without YouTube accounts who only go to YouTube to watch videos won't notice too much different from the video watch pages, although the overall design of the pages has been set to match the rest of the site. 

There is one immediately noticeable difference in video player functionality. Watching a video in the default size player keeps the video on the left hand side of the page, while enlarging it centers the player.

The new channels are very similar to the Cosmic Panda experiment from earlier this year.  The only real difference applies to channel branding.  Partners can't have a banner image at the top of their channel, but they can move everything on the page down to reveal the upper part of the channel background.

The homepage follows the Google+ appearance that some were seeing a few weeks ago.  The page even encourages you to create a Google+ account (by saying you are subscribed to yourself on Google+, even if you've never used it!).  And while a lot of people don't like it, at least the videos on the large 'Recommended' bar to the right has some videos that interest me.

Expect me to write more on this later.

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