Monday, September 27, 2010

Just a quick FYI...

To anyone new to my thoughts or opinions on YouTube, this will probably be news to you, but those people who have read my articles, watched my videos, or heard my discussion on Blog Talk Radio last year, you know the things I have said regarding YouTube's Partner Program.

Either way, you can probably guess from looking at my channel that I have been finally accepted.  (It's true that YouTube staff knowingly gave me channel Branding Options about a month prior, but that has nothing to do with Partnership.)  This happened only after 5 rejection emails (dating as far back as late 2007), canceling an application that was processing between August of last year and January , and then finally waiting for an application to process between January and September.

The only point I want to make here is that my opinion on the program has not changed.  I still don't like Pre-Roll ads, and I still don't see why there are many channel customization features limited to Partners (that's still anyone's guess).

And I will still frequent YouTube's Help Forums and Blog to keep updated with everything that's going on.  I'm still as independent as ever.

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