Friday, June 12, 2015

YouTube Announces YouTube Gaming (and sort of blog update)

Well, my last post was more recent than I first thought... anyway, looks like YouTube has caught on to the popularity of Twitch.

YouTube has recently launched (which currently directs to a Coming Soon page, and features a blog post link), which according to the official Twitter @YouTubeGaming appears to be a site similar to Twitch.TV and Hitbox.  Obviously various gaming network partners have been invited to test the service out, but the official reveal just happened today, only a few days before this year's E3 in Los Angeles.

Speaking of Twitter, I now have my own personal Twitter @KOHPelord.  I also still tweet Nintendo related news on @NSider2 as well as manage @VarietyTTV.  Most likely will update on Twitter more than here, but I haven't completely left the art form of the blog just yet!

(UPDATE: edited in the official blog post link)

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