Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Stuff Happening and Updates

Yeah, I haven't forgot about this place.  Don't worry about that (whoever you are).  Just click on the 'Read more' link right there for some recent news.

I haven't really been paying much attention to YouTube happenings as of late.  I've mostly been streaming games on Twitch.TV or just trying to deal with that thing called real life.  It happens.  Oh, and I saw Wreck-It Ralph.

So what is new in YouTurbia Land?

Maybe some of you have already noticed ahead of time, but YouTube has rolled out it's latest watch page designs to me, finally.  Not much to say about it, but it makes viewing my video history a bit more difficult.  Well, that bottom of the screen toolbar thing seems to be gone, and now we have more of a sidebar menu on the left.

YouTube's Help Forums have made some changes, too.  There is now a separate forum for Partner related issues, as well as a forum specifically for video monetization questions.

Other than that?  Probably something about Gangnam Style or Justin Bieber, not that I would know.

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