Saturday, February 11, 2012

A Bit of Advice Concerning YouTube Channel Designs

It shouldn't be too hard to find out that YouTube is forcing a change to it's channel designs soon, but how many people remember the channel design change from 2009?  If you remember the '09 change or not, there's something you should keep in mind when searching for information on YouTube's upcoming channel design change.

Without giving too much information, I received an email asking me where to find a certain channel customization feature on the new YouTube channel design.  I noticed rather quickly that the reference link in question was from the YouTube Help Forums, but it was a post from 2009.

When 'Channels 2.0' was launched a few years back, there were features that people liked from the previous design that were either removed from 2.0, or added within it's development.  These changes resulted in plenty of forum posts and blog entries complaining about the design.  Being the unforgiving archive that the internet can be,  many of these posts can still be found.  Problem is, a lot of people who weren't around during the 2.0 chaos are finding these posts by searching for information relating to the current 2012 channel design change.

When the forum posts for both the current change and the previous one have similar titles, it can be confusing which change the thread is actually referring to...  unless you look at the date of posting.  And even then, there's obviously still some confusion if I received such an email. 

Yet then again, maybe the email was referring to the older 2.0 design after all (as I believe there are many users who still have it) and the person who sent it just can't find the feature.  In which case, it's going to be gone in a few weeks, anyway.

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