Thursday, December 9, 2010

Longer Videos for (Almost) Everyone

Yesterday, a bunch of YouTube users seemed to discover that the 'Partner Settings' tab was appearing in their account settings.  The upload page said that videos over 15 minutes were possible.  Some users even saw the message implying that they could enable revenue sharing for all videos.  Did everyone become a Partner?  Not quite...

The good news is that it seems YouTube is deciding to finally remove the time limit on videos.  A group of selected YouTube users (who have a decent record of following the Terms of Use) now have the ability to upload videos that are longer than the 15 minute limit.  You can read YouTube's official blog post here.

This still isn't available to everyone, though.  And YouTube enabling this feature seems to have caused both confusion and problems.  Certain Partner related links were appearing on some account pages.  Also, nearly all YouTube users who's accounts are not linked to a Google account were unable to log in (at least, I'm guessing there's a connection somewhere).

Is there more to this change than there seems to be?  At the moment, no.  Though if there are any other changes, someone is sure to find out eventually.

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